Names of Scammers to Watch out for.

Even though they do use aliases instead of their real names it is wise to keep an eye out for these names and emails. You'll know an email scam when you see dollar amounts in the subject line in the millions or the words beneficiary, ATM,inheritence. and multiple emails being used that are not always on the same server as the company they claim to be with. IT'S BULLSHIT.
  • Mr.Henry Banko
  • Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi(CBN)
  • Rodham Chambers or Frank Rodham or
  • Ms Susan Patrick or
  • Andrew Dey or
  • Barclay's Bank
  • Marie Rofrano or
  • From Cpt.John or
  • Mr. Edward Bartholomew or
  • Dr.Mohamed Guru or MR.KINGSLEY MORRIS or
  • Mr. Frank Ashley or
  • Mr. Bernhard John or
  • Mr. James Steve
  • Sir Douglas Mike. or --> dude doesn't know how to write an email address.
  • Mr. Kelvin Walker or
  • DR. ROY MARK SMITH United NAtions
  • Daniel Edins or
  • Mr Anthony Victor BARCLAYS BANK PLC
Watch out for the Nigerian scammers on Facebook. They like to play the romance card first or they will try to play on your greed to win you over and get you to put your guard down. If that doesn't work they pull the sympathy card. There is always a sob story that will involve a dead wife, a child in need, financial crisis of some sort that requires you to send money via western union. They claim to be millionaires, military or some other career choice they presume will impress the gold digger in you.