Churros Cafe Cuban Restaurant - Metairie, LA

Since I am from South Florida, Cuban cuisine is just a part of my culture. Being in Metairie I was starting to feel a little deprived and so I sought out a place to fill that void in my life. With a little searching, I discovered Churros Cafe and headed to the small restaurant to get some food.

Located in a strip mall, visually it left much to be desired so I found it best to just grab my food and go, although next time I will probably dine in. It seems that they specialize in Cuban sandwiches but offer Empanadas and simply things like soups and salads. In addition to that, they also have daily lunch specials. I happened to go when the special for the day was Cuban Steak with Red Beans and Rice. I was surprised that they did not have black beans and instead red beans but since red beans are such a staple in New Orleans, I wasn't too surprised. The food was good and met my expectations. The steak was tender and the flavor of the food overall was on point.

I also ordered a side of plantains. They were tasty and sweet, I just don't like when they are cut so thick.

I finished off my meal with Churros. These were some really amazing Churros! They claim to make them from scratch and my mouth agreed. They were great and would have been even greater had I had some chocolate to go with it.

Although the food isn't what I would call "authentic" Cuban food, with the Southern twist, it created a nice take on Cuban Cuisine that I enjoyed. I cannot wait to go back.

UPDATE - 5/13/13

I went back to Churros Cafe and tried another one of their lunch specials, the Roast Pork, Congri & Yuca. Overall it was another good meal. The rice was amazing and the yuca had great flavor (although a little overcooked). The pork was delish!

Churros Cafe
3100 Kingman St Metairie, LA 70006
(504) 885-6516

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