Randazzo’s Family Restaurant - Metairie, LA

Randazzo’s Family Restaurant is a restaurant that serves reasonable-priced food (American, Italian and Seafood) in a casual atmosphere. They have TVs, games and seating for any size group to help you feel at home in this family restaurant.

I ordered the Combination Platter with Fried Shrimp and Oysters. The seafood tasted fresh, wasn’t salty and was not heavy in batter so it was satisfying.

For my sides, I had a Green Salad and Potato Salad. The Green Salad is pretty self explanatory, but the Potato Salad was not to my liking. It was too mushy (I like large potato chunks) and had too much tart.

My boyfriend ordered the Fried Chicken Plate. It was good fried chicken but was nothing spectacular. It was right out of the fryer, which will almost ensure it tastes good. He ordered it with French Fries and Cole Slaw. The Cole Slaw was different than most that I have seen. It wasn’t overly sauced so it wasn’t bad but again was just pretty standard.

The food wasn’t amazing but good for what you would expect from a restaurant of this kind. The problem of the restaurant didn’t lie with the food though but the service. At the time we were dining, there were 2 other tables, one large group and two people working the table. The person I assume to be the owner was taking care of us and another table but once the large group came in, he completely forgot about both us. The other girl was taking care of the one table next to us and kept walking past without ever offering assistance and clearly seeing we were done and waiting. It’s one thing to not see us like how the other table was completely ignored because they were on the other side of the restaurant but you walked right next to our table several times and tried not to look at us instead of helping.

Poor service killed this place. There is no reason you have a virtually empty restaurant and not want to assist the few customers you do have, they will not want to come back.

Randazzo’s Family Restaurant
4462 Wabash St Metairie, LA 70001

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