Kanno California Sushi Bar - Metairie, LA

I have eating at a handful of sushi restaurants in the Metaire/New Orleans area and so far they have all been pretty average. I am not saying the Kanno is any better or any greater, but the prices allow it to outshine the rest.

Although the location of the restaurant could be a turn off, once inside the small restaurant it offers a charming quality that makes you feel like you found the secret neighborhood joint (a diamond in the rough). Like most all other sushi restaurants there is a sushi bar where you can watch the chef work and a few tables of regular seating.

The restaurant may be small but the menu is pretty extensive. I started off with the Green Mussels DX which was pretty delightfully but was filled with more spicy mayo and "crab" than actual mussels.

To finish off my lunch, I ordered a half order of the Protein Roll. I wanted something without rice so I ordered this one. It was yummy, filling and also visually pretty!

My friend kept it simple and ordered the Spicy Tuna and another roll I forget the name of. She said she enjoyed the No Name Roll better but would definitely order both again.

It is unexplainable what makes this place so great but I definitely know that I liked it!

Kanno California Sushi Bar
3205 Edenborn Ave Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 455-5730

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