Sukho Thai - Marigny - New Orleans, LA

I was just hanging out near the French Quarter when I spotted Sukho Thai and decided to stop in to eat. I was a bit dubious to go in as it was quite empty but I love Thai food so much I decided to take a chance.

Suhko Thai is a nice little, mellow and homey restaurant. There is a lot more they could do with the decor, but it was comfortable. They have a counter at the front of the restaurant for takeout orders. Several people came in to pick up orders so that might explain why the restaurant was so empty; most people order to go.

There was only 2-3 tables dining at the time, but with just one waitress, service was attentive (I had my water glass readily refilled). She was also personable. Like all other Thai restaurants, you order your food based on the spice scale  and because of my addiction to spicy foods, I always order Thai hot. She warned us about the hotness and explained even she couldn't even handle it (I ordered it anyways), but it was nice she let us know. It was also nice to have someone who was smiling and appeared to be happy.

I was craving noodles and got my standard, Chicken Pad Thai. It was HOT but was perfect for me. I know a lot of people couldn't handle that kind of heat so do know that their scale is pretty accurate and medium (3 stars) would probably be hot for most much less Thai hot. The noodles were cooked perfectly. There was a good amount of chicken, bean sprouts, peanuts and the right level of sweetness. 

We also ordered the Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice. The rice was soft and pillowy and packed with lots of ingredients and flavor! 

Everything we ordered was delicious so I am looking forward to coming back to try other items on their menu. Also, they have a location on Magazine St that may be worth a try.

Sukho Thai
1913 Royal St New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 948-9309
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