Don Fortunato's Pizzeria - Metairie, LA

Lately I am always on the go so almost everything I have eaten recently has been out of a box or bag. Despite this, I hadn't had pizza in a while and a quick search led me to Don Fortunato's Pizzeria.

When I arrived at the restaurant it was raining hard, so I ended up calling to place the order over the phone in the parking lot. The man on the phone was very nice and told me about the specials they were having. I ended up getting two large pies for a great price and they were ready quite quickly I might add. 

When I went inside to pick up my order, I was greet by the owner (he was also the one who took the order over the phone). He was so nice and welcoming! He generosity was really what made me want to come back regardless of how the food even tasted (sort of). Luckily though, the pizza was delicioso! 

Despite the time it took to drive home, the pies were still super hot when I got home! The pizza was so good and the crispiness of the crust killed it. I am so glad I found this place!

Don Fortunato's Pizzeria
3517 20th St Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 302-2674