Deanie's Seafood - French Quarter - New Orleans, LA

I went to Deanie's Seafood and I just did not like the place. The atmosphere was nice enough. Nothing special but it was clean so that is all the really matters.

The customer service was a bit questionable (lacking). I could ignore that if the food was good but it wasn't.

My niece ordered a pound of boiled Crawfish. The one item they was guaranteed to deliver was over cooked and so the Crawfish tasted slightly rubbery.

I ordered the Stuffed Crab and my sister ordered the Stuffed Shrimp. Not to say it was bad, but it the flavor wasn't very likable. My sister complained that the shrimp was too greasy. The fries and coleslaw it came with wasn't the best either.

My boyfriend had the Shrimp Po Boy and said that the bread was too tough.

I know this is a popular restaurant with multiple locations. It could have possible been an off day but there are too many other places that don't disappoint. 

Deanie's Seafood
841 Iberville St New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 581-1316
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