Domenica Restaurant - Central Business District - New Orleans, LA

With Domenica being located in the historic Roosevelt Hotel, before even stepping foot inside the restaurant, you know that the ambiance will be warm and inviting. The high ceiling, beautiful artwork, and modern design elements creates a high end appeal but paper menus and rustic wood allows the restaurant to remain casual and not pretentious. Even though the service left something to be desired, the environment compensated (somewhat) for that.

One thing I liked about the restaurant is the selection of cocktails. I choose to get the Carry Me Away. The portion was a little small but it did pack a nice punch.

The pizzas are really what define this restaurant. I know you are thinking really? but trust that this is not your ordinary pizza. It is good, really good.

I ordered the Squid Ink Tagliolini with blue crab and herbs. To sum it up I saw virtually no herb and overall it tasted like just plain salted pasta.

Someone else in my party decided to venture outside of the pizzas and ordered the Wood Roasted Goat cooked shakshouka style with a yard egg & tomato sauce. One word, delicious!

For dessert we ordered Banana Zuppa Inglese (banana cake, bananas, crema cotta mousse & peanut brittle). It was served cold, but basically if you don't like bananas, you are not going to enjoy this one.

Overall, my experience at Domenica was nice but what stood out for my was the pizzas and cocktails. Since they offer half price on those items during happy hour from 3-6pm, I would recommend that as the time to go.

Domenica Restaurant 
123 Baronne St New Orleans, LA 70112
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