Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, Snoqualmie Waterfall & Boehm's Candies & Chocolates - WA

My first day in Seattle the weather was amazing. The second day, not so much. Much of the day consisted of on and off rain. I wanted to get out of the city so we headed to Chateau Ste. Michelle for a tour/tasting.

The ground are really nice, the woman leading the tour seemed to be knowledgeable and although the wine we tasted (which was Free by the way) wasn't high end or top of the line, I was surprised. I have been to wineries before (domestic and in Italy) and I can say that I actually learned a few things from this experience and as a tour, it was one of the better ones I have been on.

Our intention after leaving the winery was to head to Crystal Mountain Resort to spend the day on top of Mount Rainier, but on the way there, we decided to make a stop at Snoqualmie Waterfall. It was breathtaking but just a quick stop since it started to rain again.

As beautiful as Snoqualmie Waterfall was, the scenery on the way to Crystal Mountain Resort was equally as spectacular.

Once we finally arrived at Crystal Mountain Resort (after that long ass ride), we came to find out that they were closed for the day. Apparently there was high winds so it wasn't safe and since it was the last day of the summer season, I was out of luck. We had planned to have lunch there but since it was closed we decided to just head back to Seattle.

We didn't make it back to Seattle without making one last stop at Boehm's Candies & Chocolates. They have been handcrafting confections for 70 years and it tasted like it. The White Chocolate was good as were the Butterscotch Nut Sheets.

What really made my head spin was the English Toffee. Think crunchy butter brittle covered in milk chocolate and toasted almond pieces. It is expensive but worth it!

Washington is a decent size state and although I think of just Seattle (as many other probably do), there is a lot to see and do outside of the city!

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery