Mee Sum Pastry - Seattle, WA

I passed by Mee Sum Pastry one evening and saw a lines of people waiting for food and vowed to go back. The next morning, I decided to stop by and ordered a selection of items.

I first had a BBQ Pork Skewer. The pork was sweet and tender, but not juicy. 

I then had a Steamed Pork Bun which I didn't like it. The dough was too rubbery and clammy. I also didn't love the filling, it was mixed with too much cornstarch or fat (whatever that was) and not enough meat and way too sweet to be savory.

The Baked Pork Bun fared better. It tasted like it had recently been baked. It had the right texture and that lovely golden brown crust.

I also had a Sesame Ball. The flavor was right but it was just way too greasy.

This was not food at its finest, but this is street food. It may not be the best, but it is quick and affordable.

Mee Sum Pastry
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