Voodoo Doughnut - Portland, OR

When I saw a line, I wanted to turn back and I did. The lure of the famous doughnuts couldn't stop me though and I returned about an hour later. It was now or never; I would probably never come back to Portland ever again and this was my chance.

Despite how the line looked, it actually moved pretty quickly. Once inside the brick restaurant, I was treated to eclectic, funky and fun!

Cash is the only form of payment accepted at this shop that features over 100 doughnut varieties and coffee beverages so be prepared.

On a first visit, I had to try their namesake Voodoo Doughnut that is shaped like a voodoo doll and oozes blood red jelly when you bite into it.

If you are a candy or cereal freak, you will probably find your favorite covering one of the doughnuts. With that said, I had to get a M&M Doughnut and Oreo Doughnut.

While in Portland, you can't go wrong with the "Official City Doughnut", the Portland Creme, a take on a Boston Creme.

And, unless you have mental issues (or don't eat pork), a Bacon Maple Bar is a must.

WOW is all I have to say!!

Voodoo Doughnut