Little Bird Bistro - Portland, OR

Less than a 3 hour drive from Seattle, I had to spend at least one day in Portland on my trip. The drive was worth it and I had a delightful time into Portland, but that was not without a stop at Little Bird for lunch.

As soon as we walked into Little Bird, we were greeted by the gentleman behind the bar. Right after that, two ladies came out and after a bit of confusion amongst themselves, we were finally seated. I won't say service was bad, but throughout the meal, I didn't get that warm feeling and I could have sworn I was being served by a drone. I don't think she ever cracked a smile, a blink, anything.

The restaurant is pretty small. There is not much room for seating and I felt like I was sitting on top of the table next to me. When you have to pull out tables (not chairs) for people to be seated, tables are clearly too close for comfort.

Once I was able to settle in, I looked over the menu and ended up ordering the Steamed Clams. The broth was Parmesan based with bacon, breadcrumbs and peppers. It had rich flavor without being overpowering. It didn't come with anything nor was I given any heads up or options so I had to request more of the complimentary bread to eat it with.

My burger obsessed boyfriend ordered the ‘Le Pigeon’ Burger with fries (you also have the choice of lettuce instead). He was very impressed with the burger.

The food was simply delicious (no complaints there), but I felt a bit distracted by the service and atmosphere.

Little Bird Bistro
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