BurgerFi - Weston, FL (Nationwide)

In South Florida, there is no shortage of burger places. From franchises to local stores, new burger joints keep popping up. You may have heard of one called BurgerFi (and may have already eaten there), however, I felt that it was my duty to check out for you.

I knew of the burger chain, and have seen them everywhere but while I have been away (living in New Orleans), I never knew one had opened up in my hood. I partake in burger indulging yet try to be somewhat healthy (occasionally) so Burgerfi's approach to focus on healthier, all-natural ingredients is very appealing. 

Natural Angus and never frozen patties sound great but how do these creations taste? A look at the burger may have you feeling a little disappointed (it is very petite), but it is piled with topping and biting into the branded burger which is cooked well done, you will be happy to know that it doesn't lose its juiciness. All in all, a BurgerFi Cheeseburger is a nicely balanced burger, which my 9 year old niece said was the best burger she ever had.

I think it is really disrespectful to the burger to not have fries to eat it with. The Fresh Cut Fries were tasty but left something to be desired. The addition of one of their fry topping may help with that though.

We also sampled the onion rings which were a lot better. They were huge, freshly cut rings that are generously breaded with a slightly sweet batter, then deep-fried to golden brown crispness.

The Wagyu Kobe Beef Hot Dog was more than just your regular dog. You could noticeably taste the difference in quality of the meat and I'm sure the rest of the dogs are like that too.

The Milkshake was thick but not too thick. It was of good quality and consistency.

Lastly, if you are a member of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare, you can use your status to get a Free Frozen Custard. It is creamy and delicious and you can add the toppings of your choosing.

Yeah, the food is fresh and taste great but it is important to note that the burgers and hot dogs are pretty small, and the meals are a bit more expensive than one would expect, but overall, we enjoyed the offerings at BurgerFi.