Visit Savannah: The Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant - Savannah, GA

Exploring River Street in the evening, we decided to have dinner at a nearby restaurant, but when we got to the restaurant we selected, it was empty and that turned us off (especially on such a popular street), so we decided to go someplace else and for one reason or another ended up at The Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant.

The Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant reminded me of basically any chain restaurant. Against my better judgement, it was probably better suited for mass alcohol consumption than a real meal but it was packed so it seemed like a good decision at the time. Right off the bat, the service was horrible. We were waiting for a table when we saw one open by the bar and asked if we could be seated there. The guy at the front said yes and then disappeared like he was going to get the stuff to clean the table and never came back. When we finally got someone else to seat us, and endured slow delivery of the drinks and food, we realized we were never given utensils to eat with. Bottom line, service was slow and disorganized. 

The Seafood Scampi was acceptable. It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and at least I can say the shrimp in the dish was good. 

The Teriyaki Char-Grilled Chicken had a descent tasting sauce but the chicken had no seasoning what so ever, but the good is that it wasn't dry. 

After dinner was better, River Street is a cool spot (literally) to immerse yourself in the tourist experience of Savannah equipped with gift shops, Wet Willies and street vendors.

The Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant
201 E River St Savannah, GA 31401 

(912) 232-7088

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