GO! Bento Sushi Delivery & Takeout - Hollywood, FL

My visit to GO! Bento was an unplanned quick meal but I am glad I stopped. The only problem was that when we got there, although we were lucky and able to find parking, parking is very limited and will be an issue during busier hours and ain't nobody got time for that.

I did like the inside of the restaurant though. I thought that the decor was really cool! I liked the Japanese cartoonish artwork on the walls and the overall appeal of the restaurant. The restaurant isn't exactly suited for dining in (focus is on take-out and delivery) but there is some seating.

The menu is simple: Go! Bento, Go! Ninja, Go! Sumo or Go! Zilla. In other words a choice of entree, sushi or side depending on the box you choose to create. My friend and I both choose the Go! Zilla (1 entree and 1 roll).

She choose Honey Garlic Chicken as her entree. The chicken was a little dry, but the sauce was pretty tasty albeit a little too sweet. It came with rice that based on the the egg and some seasoning would indicate that it was fried rice, but it was very plain and all that stood out was a garlic flavor. 

I had Chicken Pad Thai for my entree and I was very happy with it. The flavor was good although I doused mine with Thai chili pepper to give it that necessary spice I like. Without it, for non heat eaters, it will still be satisfying.  The chicken pieces were a nice size and relatively moist. The noodles were acceptable.

Both of our boxes came with a sushi roll. She had the Spicy Tuna Roll and I had the Japanese Bagel "JB" Roll. Go! Bento's sushi is okay at best. The fish tasted fresh which is the most important part for me, but the rice could have been better.

Ordering, I thought this was going to be a small dish but it was nicely sized for the price. I was a little disappointed that it didn't come in the cute bento box (even the take-out kind) but in regular Styrofoam containers (not that it matters). Service was pleasant and quick. The girl at the counter was extremely friendly and accommodating. I probably would try it again if I'm in the area.

GO! Bento