Visit Savannah: Leopold's Ice Cream - Savannah, GA

As my family and I made our way to the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, we stumbled upon Battlefield Memorial Park, which we came to find out is the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the American Revolution. Just thinking about it, it is so crazy that in the middle of what is today a bustling city, something like that had occurred long ago. I found it to be an interesting piece of history that is worth stopping to check out even if it is just for only a few minutes. 

What we really were interested in seeing, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, actually wasn't as interesting. Although the museum had some fascinating exhibits, it was so poorly run that it felt like more of a waste of time and money than anything else. The gentleman at the front wasn't very friendly when we walked in, they were disorganized and initially provided no information  including brochures (because they had run out and offered no alternative), and frankly what you get out of the museum, the fee doesn't reflect. In my opinion, the way the museum was setup I thought it should have been donation only.

After enduring the long, hot walk to a museum we didn't really enjoy, it was then that we discovered that Savannah offers a free shuttle called The Dot. Sweating like a drove of pigs, we hopped on the bus and headed straight to Leopold's Ice Cream to cool down. The shuttle dropped us off right across the street which was heaven sent but we met by throngs of people trying to get inside. 
I am usually turned off by place that have lines and although lines usually mean the place is great, I am to much of a prima donna to stand in line for anything. However, we were hot and any other chance to try ice cream from this top 10 spot in the world wasn't going to be likely. 

The restaurant was an old school ice cream joint with the uniforms to match and the courteous service you should expect. Good service is all about having someone outside giving out water to hot patrons waiting in line.

I eat ice cream but unless it is soft serve or paired with a dessert, I usually pass but this stuff I really liked. I was so impressed by the flavors! The chocolate tasted like real cocoa, the vanilla could have been mistaken for eating straight from a pod and the rum raisin tasted like actual rum (not vanilla and raisins). This place is about real ingredient and fresh product all, day everyday! I will deem it best I ever had (for now)!

Battlefield Memorial Park
Corner of Louisville Rd and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Savannah

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum
460 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd  Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 777-6099

Leopold's Ice Cream
212 E Broughton St  Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 234-4442
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