Visit Savannah: Forsyth Park Cafe - Savannah, GA

Forsyth Park is a large park that has plenty to see, do and probably one of the highlights of my Savannah vacation. It engulfs the natural beauty and a bit of the history of Savannah. The kids got to play and I got relax out of the beaming sun under the Moss covered Oaks.

When we got hungry, we stopped by Forsyth Park Cafe located inside the park instead of trying to venture out. I wished we would have since the food wasn't anything special. It was basically limited options with a price tag that didn't match the basic taste. 

The kids had donuts which were were frozen, my mom had a parfait that wasn't really too bad, but the chicken tenders tasted like they were freezer burned or came from a box. It wasn't worth it.

Forsyth Park Cafe
700 Drayton St Savannah, GA 31401 
(912) 238-5158
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