I Love Tacos Taqueria & More - Pembroke Pines, FL

Who doesn't love tacos? I know I do and with my love for the little Mexican treat why not go to a place called I Love Tacos. I mean, you really can't have the name I Love Tacos and not be good because that would be just plain wrong and in that case it should be called Everyone Hates Tacos but hopefully that isn't the case here!

Anyways, I was in the area so I made my way to I Love Tacos for some grub. Based on the unassuming location in the typical South Florida shopping center you may think this can't possible be all that good. Then, when you walk inside and you see the bright, colorful and cheesy decor, you may feel tempted to walk out in fear that this is going to be Mexican food of the Taco Bell variety but as soon as you see the food you fear will subsides and eventually your first bite will erase any doubt you may have had.

I Love Tacos is the name of the restaurant, so I knew if I had to try anything on the menu, it had to be tacos so I went with the Shrimp Tacos. I was thrilled with my choice. The slaw was delicious (although a little too wet) and more important, the pico de gallo and tortilla were fresh. The shrimp were unbelievably yummy with a light crunchy outer coating that added both flavor and texture.

I don't know if my friend loves tacos but after eating his Carne Asada Burrito, he left saying I Love Burritos (or at least, I still like burritos)!

The food was good, the staff was friendly from the moment we walked in the door and truthful, it is hard to find decent Mexican food this far west so if you truly do love tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas or flautas, it is worth the trip.

I Love Tacos Taqueria & More