Visit Savannah: Vinnie Van Go-Go's Pizza - Savannah, GA

Strolling through the Streets of Savannah, we stumbled upon Vinnie Van Go-Go's. Everyone seemed to be lining up to eat there and with a nephew that is addicted to pizza and at 5 years old could probably eat an entire pie himself, we decided to have dinner there.

Vinnie Van Go-Go's is located in City Market, a popular area in Savannah to come to eat, drink, shop and people watch. Around the area there is a lot going so despite the hotness (in the summer) and the bugs, I recommend eating outside to take it all in.

The pizza they serve is thin and crispy "Neapolitan" style pizza (I call it New York style) that is fresh and tastes good! They have they usual toppings but what you really need to know is that it is cash only so hit up the ATM first if you are not the type to have cash on hand.

After eating, we walked around bit, experiencing some of the sight and sounds of the city. Savannah is known for its many squares and close to Vinnie Van Go-Go's was my favorite, Ellis Square where the kids enjoyed playing and I enjoyed relaxing after such a long day.

Vinnie Van Go-Go's
317 W Bryan St  Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-6394
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