Puerto Sagua Restaurant - Miami Beach, FL

Having only a day in Miami and the opportunity to visit only one restaurant, I knew I had to have Cuban food at Puerto Sagua.

The restaurant isn't fancy and although the location caters to tourist, they have really great Cuban food and for South Beach just great food in general. Beyond the food though, the people and casual atmosphere makes you feel right at home. It is the type of restaurant that locals frequent too.

On this visit I ordered the Chuletas De Cerdo Frita (fried pork chops). This is one of my favorite dishes at this restaurant and words can't describe how much I love it. The outside has a thin crust yet it is moist on the inside. Cuban food doesn't have strong flavors (like the Jamaican and Cajun food i am used to), but the marinated onions and lime juice make your taste buds think otherwise.

My boyfriend ordered the Churrasco (skirt steak). The steak is a strip of tender delicious meat that satisfies any appetite and the Chimichurri sauce contributes to that.

The rice and beans were pretty standard. The rice was well-prepared. The beans had some flavor and praise Jesus weren't salty.

I was stuffed after eating all that food, but being the glutton I am, I still had to order dessert but I smartly took my Quatro Leches to go. The dessert was good (sweet as hell), but I found the cake to be a little over soaked and mushy. I usually ordered the Dulce de Leche cookies which are amazing, so I probably wouldn't order the cake again, but it was worth the try.

Puerto Sagua is one of the better and more affordable restaurants on the beach and a SoBe experience not to be missed.

Puerto Sagua Restaurant
700 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-1115

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