Iris Restaurant - French Quarter - New Orleans, LA

The building where Iris Restaurant is located could easily be mistaken for an apartments but the menu posted outside the window makes its presence known. The interior, while painted the same colors as the outside of the building, is a classy upscale but not stuffy atmosphere. Whether you're looking to wine and dine, cozy up on a first date or celebrate a romantic special occasion this restaurant is the place.

Our waitperson was a true professional and my trusted advisor throughout the evening. He interjected his opinion and made suggestions which is something a lot of waiters don't do but that I find welcoming. His suggested cocktail for the evening was either the Prickle or The Count. I ended up choosing The Count and I couldn't be happier with the choice. It wasn't what I would typically order but it was a exemplary choice and a well crafted cocktail.

I was so please with my first cocktail and curious about what our waitperson said was his favorite cocktail that I ordered the Prickle. This is a gin based drink and I don't drink gin. You could obviously taste the gin in the drink but its subtle sweetness and refreshing coolness made me like it.

Iris's menu is small with about 10 main choices but most of the dishes sounded so good I was having trouble choosing just one. I offered up my choice and out of my picks, our waitperson recommend the Duck Confit. The skin was perfectly crispy and the meat was moist beyond belief. Combine that with the corn and the sweetness of the peaches and you have a delectable dish.

My boyfriend ordered his usual steak in the form their Steak Frites. It was very tender and tasty. The foie gras-marrow butter was a brilliant touch and put this dish it over the top. The fries were incredible too, I reckon a Belgium would eat these fries and give them his/her stamp of approval.

We finished off the meal with the Chocolate Soufflé Pistachio Cake. It was rich, chocolaty yumminess but if I am not mistaken, this was not a soufflé (unless it was a fallen one) and more like a flourless cake. I liked it anyways and the nuts added some texture to the dessert.

Iris was flawless, I can't wait to come again!

Iris Restaurant
321 N Peters St New Orleans, LA 70130

(504) 299-3944
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